Incidents of Bed Bug Infestations are Increasing Globally

Bed bugs are nocturnal parasites that hide in narrow harbourages close to the resting places of humans and only come out to feed on their blood. Since the 1990s bed bugs have become resurgent within the hospitality industry. An infestation of bed bugs can prove expensive for hotels as a result of the costs associated with their effective elimination, the losses resulting from damage to the reputation of the hotel brand and the risk of litigation.

ESA BIC Harwell company, Insect Research Systems Ltd, is developing APOLLO a novel detector that enables the global hospitality industry to reproducibly and accurately monitoring for the presence of bed bug infestations.

Their near-real time monitoring system can be used to rapidly screen premises and when used as part of an appropriate management strategy it can form a due diligence defence in the case of a customer complaint. It may also be used to determine if a treatment has been successful in eradicating the problem.

Project APOLLO is seeking help from hotels for a pilot study to evaluate its performance.

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