For nearly 20 years The Open University researched and developed tools for the Rosetta mission and literally jumped for joy when the European Space Agency (ESA) probe, Rosetta, deployed its landing craft, Philae, and achieved the first ever landing on a comet in November 2014. Now three months later, key OU academics are in a position to share their initial findings and their new perspective on the properties and formation of comets as a result of the landing and the applications for the science on Earth, particularly in industry.

Insect Research Systems' CTO will be talking about the translation of the technology to a range of challenges on Earth, including the detection of bed bugs in hotels.

An invited audience of 300 guests and up to 10,000 online will watch the lectures, on Tuesday 17th February 2015 at 18:30. More information available on link below

For more information, or to join the vent live, click on the link below:

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