Insect Research Systems’ Dr Geraint Morgan had the honour of jointly presenting the Keynote Lecture at SpaceTech 2014, along with Dr Ross Burgon (The Open University). SpaceTech2014 is the UK's premier space technology conference and business matchmaking event, with the aim to create UK and European connections between space research and successful commercial business development on Earth.

Jointly organised by the Science and Technology Facilities Council, the European Space Agency and Enterprise Europe Network this year’s event focussed on ESA’s comet-chasing Rosetta Mission and how technologies similar to those used on it can deliver benefit to businesses back on Earth, including the detection of bedbugs in hotels.

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“SpaceTech2014 was an ideal opportunity to the raise the profile of the company with representatives of the UK and European Space Agencies in attendance as well as Innovate UK, funding councils (STFC) and a range of commercial companies. Several commented on how good it was to see evidence of space-how being applied to real global challenges here on Earth, with the aim of developing a commercially viable proposition.”


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