As a result of today’s press conference at which NASA announced that a high resolution camera on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has found the British Beagle2 Lander, Insect Research System’s Chief Technical Officer, Dr Geraint Morgan has been busy conducting interviews for national and regional media; including : BBC Radio 5 Live, Anglia TV News, BBC Radio Bristol and BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

Dr Morgan said “Today is tinged with pride, frustration and sadness. Pride, that the images actually show that the Entry, Descent and Landing system had worked so well. Frustration that the final elements of the deployment of the solar panels had prevented the radio signals being received and of course sadness that Prof Colin Pillinger was not able to see how close the team he assembled, on a shoe-string, came to making history.

It appears we got very close, but failed at the final hurdle. However, we must also remember that whilst the Beagle2 Lander was not successful the mission did succeed in capturing the imagination of the British public and many of today’s generation of scientists and engineers were inspired by the mission.

Colin also assembled a multi-disciplinary team of scientist and engineers that has gone on to translate its collective expertise to several global challenges including the award winning development of a vital piece of safety equipment on board future UK submarines and of course has led to the formation of our company for the detection of bed bugs. I’m sure if Colin had been here today he would have been banging the drum for a Beagle3.”

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