Pilot Study Questions Answered

Hotels within 100 miles of Manchester, with more than 30 rooms

The study will take place periodically up until the end of 2016

The study is in two stages:

  • Characterisation of Hotel Rooms – samples are collected and sent to a university for analysis on a commercial instrument. This will characterise the range of compounds in hotel rooms that could interfere with the measurement of the target species. This study will feed in to the design of the prototype instrument.
  • Field Trial of Prototype - samples are collected in the same way as above but they are analysed in the hotel using the portable unit developed specifically for the purpose. This study will take place from mid 2015 onwards.

No, we understand the sensitivities and the importance of discretion. We are prepared to sign a binding non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement.

No, the studies are to inform the product development and evaluation only.

In addition, all samples are assigned a unique identifier and are therefore anonymous to anyone outside the study.

Samples are collected by a hand-held device that concentrates the compounds present in the air. This takes around 5-10 minutes for each room.

The sampling device is discrete and will be transported in a plain bag.

Once collected the samples will:

  • be sent to a university for analysis, or
  • analysed using the prototype instrument, to mimic its real-world usage

We envisage that during a visit approximately 20 samples will be collected.

On some occasions we will take multiple replicates from the same room, on other occasions we will take one sample in each room. We will consult with you before we decide on the sampling strategy for each visit.

The whole visit should take between 2-3 hours.

Only employees of Insect Research Systems will take air samples.

Initially, this will be one of the company founders, Jason Littler.

Only one representative at a time (who will arrive and be discretely dressed) and will transport the sampling device in an unmarked carrier.

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